As we near the beginning of the 21st century, we face a new world full of opportunities and challenges. A fast world where science, technology and innovation are the three most important factors that affect the quality of our lives in work, rest and play.

Since Galileo, men and women of every nation have reached for the stars. Many have failed, but the few who succeeded, changed our lives more than they could possibly have imagined.

Australia is amongst the most inventive and resourceful countries in the world. Often having to 're invent the wheel' to suit Australian conditions, early Australians, their descendants and ensuing migrants, have invented some of the world's most useful products and technologies.

From the 'black box' flight recorder in commercial aircraft to the box we call television in our living rooms, and from the relatively simple jump stump plough through to the mind blowing complexities of gene shears, Australians have contributed much to the modern world. And through their continued endeavours in a myriad of research centres and universities, Australian men and women are working on new ways to improve our lives and our global environment for the future.

This publication is about the silent heroes of Australia, whose efforts, ingenuity and inspiration have resulted in some of the world's greatest innovations. The result of extensive and detailed research into Australia's most outstanding innovations of international significance, it includes more than 300 currently commercially available 'world first' and 'world best' Australian products and technologies.

I hope the innovations in this publication, the people who conceived them, and the companies who had the foresight to commercialise them, will give inspiration to everyone who dares to dream. Mostly, I hope you will enjoy reading about the very best that Australia has to offer the world.

Michael Z Soker

Public Notice: Due to an unresolved dispute with the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade), who copied and adopted as their own certain material from Tomorrow's World, the Australian Initiative, and published the material in their Australia Open for Business website, without remorse or recompense, access by Australian Government servers to this online edition has been blocked indefinitely.

Print Edition: ISBN 0646252119 - Paperback - 224 pages - 350 illustrations - $55.00 incl. GST.

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