The following is a reproduction of the page published by the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) at the Australia Open for Business website at containing material copied from our book, Tomorrow's World, the Australian Initiative.

This page was removed from the Internet by Austrade on 9 February 2000.

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Australia's biomedial engineers behind the world's smallest heart pacemakers

A team of Australian biomedial engineers are the innovators behind the world's smallest electrocardiogram (ECG) and heart pacemaker monitors.

Three products, Biolog, Paceview and Heart Tel were created by a team of biomedical engineers in 1991 at Micromedical Industries Limited. The easy to use devices can send signals by telephone to patients doctors for analysis.

The company's innovative products are sold in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Italy, France, Germany and Scandanavia.

Biolog is a hand held battery-powered portable ECG monitor. The device is held on the patient's chest, without cables of ECG electrodes, providing physicians with instant, accurate displays of ECG waveforms and heart rate.

Paceview accurately monitors all heart pacemakers regardless of the type, make or age. The instrument displays pulse markers on the ECG along with the pacemaker pulse shape. This enables physicians to detect problems such as led fracture, malfunction and pacer battery depletion that may occur to the pacemaker.

Heart Tel tracks heart data over a period of time detecting the likelihood of cardiac events taking place. Heart Tel allows people with heart problems to take their own ECG and sent it over the telephone line to their doctor.

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